The 5 Best Tintin in Tibet T Shirts – 2020 Collection

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Tintin in Tibet is a story of great bravery and hilarious comedy. Set in the snowy Himalayas, Tintin and Captain Haddock brave grave perils in the search for Tintin’s dear friend Chang. Oh, by grave peril, I just mean a 10 foot tall Abominable Snowman who knows his Whiskey! Apart from the Yeti, they also face the danger of steep crevasses, avalanches, and worst of them all, the cold. It’s definitely a memorable read and these 5 Tintin in Tibet T Shirts that we’ve curated here are bound to bring back fond memories and help you relive Tintin’s adventure.

Good Vs Bad, Angel Vs Devil – Snowy T Shirt

Snowy has a lot of funny scenes associated with him throughout the comic series. However, the funniest of them all definitely has to be this one from Tintin in Tibet. When faced with the dilemma of whether to take his master’s message and save his life or drop it and take a king-size bone, Snowy’s Good and Bad self come up against each other. Herge’s illustration of Snowy’s Angel Vs Devil is absolutely hilarious and hence is a perfect choice for the first T Shirt in our list of the best Tintin in Tibet T Shirts. Check it out.

Snowy - Angel Vs Devil Tintin in Tibet T Shirt

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Since there isn’t any text, this actually makes for a wonderful Pop Culture Reference T Shirt. We also have a list of the 10 Most Creative Pop Culture Reference T Shirts. Check it out!

The Yeti’s Footprints – Tintin in Tibet T Shirt

Throughout the initial part of the adventure, Tintin and the Captain keep hearing wild stories about the Yeti, however, they see no sign of it. Then, they spot huge footprints. Finally, they spot the Yeti! This T Shirt depicts that initial sighting of the huge footprints. Tintin and the Captain are shocked! This iconic scene also appears on the cover of the comic. Hence, it would only be fair to include this T Shirt in our list of the best Tintin in Tibet T Shirts.

Huge Footprints Tintin in Tibet T Shirt

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Blessed Lightning – The Flying Monk T Shirt

There are a lot of things that happen in Tibet that would look incredulous to Westerners. This is one such thing. The Buddhist monk, Blessed Lightning, floats up into the air and has a vision in Tintin in Tibet. Ultimately, it is only due to this magical vision that Tintin is able to rescue Chang. Hence, this T Shirt depicting this pivotal magical scene finds a place in our Top 5 Tintin in Tibet T Shirts. Check it out.

Blessed Lightning - the flying monk - Tintin in Tibet T Shirt

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The Ice Cave – Tintin and Snowy T Shirt

The first evidence that Tintin finds in the mountains which points to the fact that Chang is indeed alive is inside an ice cave. Tintin and Snowy stumble upon this cave when exploring and this sets the entire story in motion. Hence, this next T Shirt, which depicts this pivotal scene, finds a place in our list of Tintin in Tibet T Shirts. Check it out.

Tintin and Snowy find the Ice Cave - Tintin in Tibet T shirt

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The Yeti and Captain Haddock – T Shirt

The Captain, right from the beginning, is looking to show the Yeti who he is. This is because of the fact that the Yeti regularly steals and finishes off his precious bottles of whiskey. Finally, when they do meet, it is when the Yeti is running away from Tintin, scared of the Camera flash. The Migou, in his fright, knocks over the Captain, who goes flying into the air. This hilarious scene wraps up the story in the comic and also our list for today. Check out the hilarious scene depicted in this T Shirt.

Yeti knocking over Captain Haddock T Shirt

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