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The Adventures of Tintin by the Belgian cartoonist Hergé is definitely one of the best adventure comics created in this past century. Filled with colorful characters, enthralling adventures and liberally peppered with hilarious encounters, the iconic Comics are a treasure trove of entertainment for kids and adults alike. Having been bitten by the Tintin bug, our team has been scouring the internet, looking to find the best Tintin T Shirts that are out there. Here are some cool Adventures of Tintin T shirts that we found.

Tintin Intro Spotlight T Shirt

This is the image that comes to our mind when we think of Tintin. The iconic intro scene from the Tintin cartoons, where we see Tintin and Snowy running, chasing after adventures. The sheer classy nature of the illustration puts this Tintin T shirt on the top of our list.

Tintin Intro Spotlight T Shirt

You can get this T Shirt in several different colors and materials from Redbubble. Here’s the link. 

The Different Avatars of Tintin T Shirt

Tintin is known for being a globetrotter. He and his fox terrier, Snowy, travel around the world to different countries, where they dress in the local attire to blend in with the crowd. This means that we often see Tintin dressed in exotic clothes and perfectly fitting in. From that of a cowboy in the wild west of America to even the Moon, Tintin’s different avatars make for wonderful works of art. This T Shirt perfectly captures those different avatars in a single place. Essentially, it gets fans around the wearer start identifying the different places and books where each Avatar is from. Makes for a lot of fun. Check it out.

Different Avatars of Tintin T Shirt



You can buy different types of T Shirts in various colors, including Kids T Shirts and Baby onesies with this wonderful design, from TeePublic. Here’s the link.

Captain Haddock T Shirt – Kill the Pirates!

Captain Haddock, the most important character in the comics after Tintin and Snowy is known for his fondness for alcohol. He often goes to great lengths to get to his dear bottle of rum or whiskey and this leads to wonderfully funny events. In Tintin and the Secret of the Unicorn, he gets a hold of his ancestor’s manuscript, reads it while gulping several bottles of rum and recounts it to Tintin by actually enacting the events while carrying his ancestor’s cutlass in his hands and swinging wildly! This has got to be one of the funniest scenes of the series. The T shirt here, captures the comedy of the scene in perfect fashion. Check it out.

Captain Haddock T Shirt

You can pick up this hilarious T Shirt from RedBubble. Here’s the link.

The Moon Rocket – Tintin T Shirt

The Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon were truly remarkable works of science fiction (at that time) by Herge. Taking inspiration from the German V2 rocket Herge illustrated the iconic moon rocket. Its unmistakable red and white checkerboard illustration is immediately recognizable by all Tintin fans. This T Shirt, therefore makes for an excellent Pop Culture reference T Shirt. When you wear it, you are bound to get people guessing about where this strangely familiar rocket is from!

Moon Rocket Tintin T Shirt

Different varieties and colors available from RedBubble here.

Rascar Capac T Shirt

Rascar Capac is the Inca mummy from Tintin and the Seven Crystal Balls. Wearing golden jewels and traditional Inca attire, he is illustrated to be eerie looking. Although it still gives us a chill, the image of Rascar Capac is one that I am sure, is definitely etched in the minds of all Tintin fans. This T Shirt immediately caught our attention, probably because of Rascar Capac’s exotic appearance and we immediately decided that this one deserved a place in our list of Tintin T Shirts. In addition, the lack of words on the T Shirt also makes it a great Pop Culture reference!

Rascar Capac T Shirt

You can get this T Shirt in different colors and materials from over at TeePublic. Here’s the link.

Tintin – Blue Lotus T Shirt

Tintin and the Blue Lotus is filled with some superbly funny scenes. This T Shirt depicts the scene when Tintin and Snowy hide inside a giant water jug inside the Opium Den, ‘the Blue Lotus’.  Tintin is dressed in blue and sports a black Chinese Cap while Snowy looks from behind his shoulder. Although a simple illustration, the expression on their faces makes this one an excellent T Shirt to wear and is bound to make onlookers chuckle.

Tintin Blue Lotus T Shirt

You can buy this Tintin Blue Lotus T Shirt in any color you want from TeePublic. Here’s the link.

We also have a list of the best Tintin and the Blue Lotus T Shirts. Be sure to check it out.

Tintin in Tibet T Shirt

Tintin in Tibet is another one of Herge’s exemplary works. Set in the snowy Himalayas with its mysterious beasts, the story is totally gripping. It has everything from daring adventure to chucklesome humor and takes the reader on a wonderfully blissful journey. As soon as we spotted this simple Tintin in Tibet T Shirt, we could relive the memorable experience of reading the story. Heck, we could even hear the Rooooah of the Yeti in our head and ended up grinning. Immediately it made our list!

Tintin in Tibet T Shirt

You can get this Tintin in Tibet T Shirt from RedBubble. Here’s the link.

Tintin Snowy and Mickey T Shirt

We are big fans of creative designs. This next T Shirt is probably one of the best creative designs we’ve seen in quite some time and hence it would be a sin to not include it on our list of Tintin T Shirts. It contains Tintin and Snowy and Mickey Mouse waving and smiling. The most noteworthy part of this design is how seamlessly the characters blend with each other. Makes for a perfect Tintin Kids T Shirt.

Snowy Mickey and Tintin T Shirts

You can pick up different colors and varieties of this cute T Shirt from TeePublic. Here’s the page to buy.


Through the Ship’s Window – Tintin Snowy T Shirt

Tintin and Snowy first meet Captain Haddock in Tintin and the Crab with the Golden Claws. The Captain, a drunkard, is kept blissfully happy with several bottles of whiskey while his first mate uses his ship for drug trafficking. Tintin meets the Captain when he climbs across the side of the ship and enters the captain’s cabin through a window. This T Shirt captures this pivotal moment in the comics. Furthermore, it is also designed creatively, as if Tintin and Snowy are climbing through the T Shirt itself. Check it out.

Tintin Snowy T ShirtIn addition to different colors and varieties of T Shirts, you can also get this design printed on phone cases, cushions and mugs from TeePublic. Here’s the link.

Waving Entry – Vintage Tintin T Shirt

Tintin Comics are associated with nostalgia and happiness. Our next T Shirt on the list perfectly brings to the fore, these very feelings. A happy Tintin waving and coming forward, accompanied by an equally happy Snowy, holding a nice big bone in his mouth. This Tintin T shirt, we are almost certain, will bring a smile to those around you.

Waving Entry Vintage Tintin T Shirt

You can buy this T Shirt from over here.

Learn English with Captain Haddock T Shirt

Captain Haddock’s Sailor swears are legendary.  There are so many different and bizarre sounding words that he uses and each of which evokes a broad grin on our faces.  You could make a nice little dictionary of these harmless swear words. Well, that’s almost exactly what this next one in our list of Tintin T Shirts does. The T Shirt contains a creatively designed poster ad for Haddock Academy to learn English – Haddock style! Check it out.

Learn English with Captain Haddock T Shirt

This T Shirt is available in different colors, materials, and types at TeePublic. Here’s the link.

Thomson and Thompson T Shirt

Ah, how can a list of Tintin T Shirts be complete without one portraying the Thomson twins. Thomson and Thompson, the two superbly incompetent detectives often find themselves in odd situations. The way they end up falling and also failing to nab the bad guys makes for excellent humor. Therefore, this T Shirt with Thomson and Thompson having caught each other instead of the bad guy perfectly brings out that humor.Thomson and Thompson T Shirt

You can get T Shirts, tanks tops, mugs, phone cases, pillows and much more with this hilarious design of the Thomson twins from RedBubble. Here’s the link.

Tintin Characters T Shirt

There are so many different and colorful characters in the Tintin comics. They each have their own unique speaking style, dressing style, expressions and of course their own unique hairstyle too. Herge’s focus on attention to detail in order to bring these characters to life is extraordinary. Therefore, this T Shirt, portraying several of the characters from the Tintin world is a must-have for any Tintin fan.

Tintin Characters T Shirt

Identifying each one and remembering them should be super fun! Get the T Shirt from here.

Tintin on Motorbike T Shirt

Although it may seem like Tintin’s adventures are a bit slow paced, there are some scenes where everything happens in a mad rush. There will be crazy chases, gunfights, and explosions taking place suddenly. Tintin is portrayed as an expert driver as well as a good pilot. This next item on our list of Tintin T Shirts brings out that speed and pace of the comics. Check it out.

Tintin on motorbike T Shirt

You can buy this snappy T Shirt from TeePublic, by following this link.

Dangerous Rope Crossing – Snowy Tintin T Shirt

Continuing with the pacey scenes, Tintin is also fearless and often does dangerous activities to save his neck. This next T Shirt portrays one such scene from Tintin and the Prisoner of the Sun, where he crosses across a waterfall with Snowy on his back by reverse crawling on a rope! Makes the hair on the back of our neck stand, just thinking of such an act. Check out the T Shirt.

Dangetous river crossing on rope - Snowy Tintin T Shirt

You can pick up this cool Tintin T Shirt from over at TeePublic. Just follow the link here.

Well, that brings an end to our little list here. However, there are plenty of other places to buy Tintin T Shirts online,  each with its own unique creative designs. We have a section completely dedicated to Tintin on our Shop Page. Be sure to check it out. We also found a good collection of Tintin T Shirts on Amazon UK and Amazon India. This should be useful for our British and Indian readers to buy Tintin T Shirts online from the UK and India respectively, at a cheap price. Cheers!

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