The Best Pop Culture Reference T Shirts That You Can Buy Online- 2020

The 10 Most Creative Pop Culture Reference T Shirts


Sporting Pop Culture Reference T Shirts always attracts a good amount of attention. They might seem plain or even ordinary at first glance, but of course, once the viewer understands the reference, you can be sure that there will be a nice grin on their face. It is this feeling of being in the know that makes wearing Pop Culture reference T Shirts such a wonderful experience.

There are, however, hundreds if not thousands of such T Shirts available on various sites such as Amazon, RedBubble, etc. Picking out the best ones that will attract the most attention can be a tedious task indeed. Fear not, for we, at Armur Animates are here to do just that. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to scour the internet, looking at thousands of the best movie, Anime, Cartoon, TV Show references and curating the best, just for you.

Check out these ten T Shirts that take pop culture reference to the next level!

1) Fight Club – Two Face Minimalist T Shirt

Fight Club has to be one of the best drama films ever made. Of course, I don’t want to spoil this wonderful movie, but if you’ve seen it, you’d definitely understand the top class reference that this T Shirt portrays. Is it Tyler Durden? Or is it the unnamed guy portrayed by Edward Norton? I’ll stop myself there, now. Anything more and those of you who’ve not seen the film are going to start cursing me when you do see it. Here’s the brilliant two face design, that’ll make you the center of attraction when you wear it.

Fight Club two face minimalist t shirt

Of course, I’d be committing a big sin, if, after all that, I don’t give you the link to buy this T Shirt. No, you don’t have to worry, you can buy it from here.

2) I am SHER Locked T Shirt from Sherlock

Moving from one of the best drama films to the arguably the best drama TV show – Sherlock. The T shirt we are featuring here is one that Sherlock fans are sure to recognize at once. I am _ _ _ _ Locked! Surely, you’d have to be Sherlock Holmes to be able to crack that one! I am S H E R Locked! I still remember having my brains blown away with awe at that scene. This tee captures that pop culture reference brilliantly. Have a look at the design.

I am Sher Locked T shirt

Here’s where you can buy this showstopper!

3) Stark Targaryen – Make Westeros Great again Pop Culture T Shirt

This one’s a mashup! Meaning, not just one, but TWO pop culture references. One that mashes Game of Thrones’ fictional Westeros with President Donald Trump’s election message. Westeros is in tatters. Danny and Jon have got together, which can only mean one thing. A Stark Targaryen is on the way! It’s definitely going to be his job to make Westeros great again 🙂

Stark Targaryen - Make Westeros Great again

You can buy it from Amazon here.

4) I’ll have what she’s having – Women’s Pop Culture Reference T Shirt

If you didn’t recognize those words, you’ve got to see this scene from ‘When Harry met Sally’. Here’s the video (be sure to use headphones if you’re at work 😀 ).

Do I need to say anymore? That’s probably the funniest dialogue ever! That’s why it easily makes our Top 10 Pop Culture T Shirts list. Check it out.

I'll have what she's having

Ladies, you can get this T Shirt from here.

5) Freddie Mercury – Queen of Hearts Mashup T Shirt

Isn’t he one of the greatest singers of our times. Freddie Mercury and his songs have become a part of our daily lives. From celebrating your club’s Premier League win by singing ‘We are the Champions’ to driving your car to the tune of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, Freddie and Queen are everywhere around us.  A mashup of this legend and the Queen of Hearts from a deck of playing cards is undeniably a wonderful pop culture reference. Sheer creative genius, I should add. Here’s the T shirt.

Freddie Mercury Queen of Hearts T Shirt

Grab your own Freddie – Queen of Hearts T-shirt from here.

6) Pokemon – Not Today Snorlax T Shirt

It’s got to be the most powerful Pokemon ever. If it comes to a fight, Snorlax wins. There’s just no doubt about that. However, there’s a big disclaimer there. IF it comes to a fight. Snorlax, the most powerful Pokemon, is also the laziest of them all. So what does it say when there’s a fight? Not today! What does it say to the God of Death? Not today! The wordings and the cute depiction of adorable Snorlax makes this one of those must-have Pop Culture reference T Shirts. Check it out!

Pokemon Snorlax Not Today Pop Culture Reference T ShirtGet this T shirt from Amazon here.

7) Breaking Bad – MasterChef Mashup T Shirt

Mr. Walter White is an ordinary High School Chemistry teacher! However, there’s one thing that sets him apart from the rest of them. In addition to being a Chemistry teacher, he can also cook very well! Why he’s even the head of Operations at an Industrial Scale Cooking facility. You could even say he’s good enough to take part and win at Masterchef. What’s his specialty, you ask? Now that’s a conversation for another time! Check out this cool Mashup T Shirt:

Breaking Bad MasterChef Mashup T Shirt

Buy this Pop culture T shirt from here.

8) Yoda – Do or Do not There is no try T Shirt

Master Yoda dishes out plenty of valuable life advice throughout the Star Wars movies. However, there is one advice (more like a command) that he gives Luke, that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Let’s hear it from the Master himself.

It’s, therefore, no surprise that the reference to this dialogue makes it to our Top 10 Pop Culture Reference T Shirts list. It’s a T Shirt that spreads good positive vibes to the wearer’s friends and colleagues. Check it out.

Yoda - There is no try Pop Culture Reference T ShirtsYou can buy this awesome T Shirt from Amazon here.

9) Shawshank Redemption Get Busy Living Pop Culture Reference T Shirt

Following up on Yoda’s brilliant advice, we head over to an equally thoughtful life lesson taught by Morgan Freeman’s character Red in the Shawshank Redemption – Get busy living or get busy dying. However, that’s not all what makes this wonderful T shirt feature in our Top 10 Pop Culture Reference T Shirt list. It is the design of Andy Dufresne digging a tunnel that is creatively formed inside the silhouette of the rock hammer that makes Pop Culture fanatics like me fall in love with this T shirt. Sheer creative Genius! Check it out.

Shawshank Redemption Pop Culture Reference T Shirt

Oh you shouldn’t think too much, get this T Shirt right away from Amazon. It’s available here.

10) LOTR Moria Mining Company T Shirt

There can’t be a list of Pop Culture references without one about Lord of the Rings. So our last Pop Culture Reference T Shirt depicts what has been creatively named as the Moria Mining Company. Moria is the underground kingdom of the dwarves which lies under the Misty Mountains. The funny tagline with the very much intended pun – “Dwarf” the competition is bound to bring a good laugh to all LOTR fans who look at the T Shirt. Check it out.

Moria Mining Company LOTR Pop Culture Reference T Shirt

You can buy this T Shirt from Amazon here.

That’s that for our list of the best Pop Culture Reference T Shirts folks!

There’s plenty of other awesome Pop Culture T Shirts with creative references throughout our website. Be sure to check them out as well.

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