The 6 Best Table Tennis Rackets That You Can Buy in India – Jan 2020


Almost every office has a table tennis arena where the employees can relieve some stress. Similarly, most schools also encourage the students to learn table tennis. It hardly occupies any space and requires very less effort to set up a table tennis game playing area.Buying good quality rackets suitable for your style of game playing can be confusing and time-consuming. If you are an amateur looking to learn this simple yet relaxing game or a professional looking to buy very good quality table tennis racquets, then this list will help you. This article lists the 6 best table tennis racquets that you can buy in India.

1. Stag Ninja Fire Table Tennis Racquet

Stag Ninja Fire Table Tennis Racquet

This is an excellent racquet costing less than 2000 rupees. It is very flexible and can be used to handle top spins in the game very easily. It is fit for advanced players.

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2. GKI Euro XX Table Tennis Racquet

GKI Euro XX Table Tennis Racquet Available In India

The GKI Euro XX is a very good TT Bat under 4000 rupees. It is excellent for intermediate players and has very good rubber speed and is very light. The blade is very strong and reliable. It is highly durable and can be used for a long time before it requires replacement.

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3. Donic Waldner 800 Table Tennis Racquet

Donic Waldner 800 Table Tennis Racquet

This is a very sophisticated racket for some high-end game playing. It comes with a controllable rubber sheet which is also semi-sticky. This allows for powerful game playing. This is a very good racquet under 1500 rupees. It is a must-have for all the beginners and intermediate players.

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4. GKI Euro V Table Tennis Bat

gki table tennis racket india

This is one ping pong racket which you should not miss out on. It gives the perfect combination of spin and bounce making it optimal for everyday game playing. It is among the best Ping Pong racquets available in India under 3000 rupees. Even if you are looking to play professionally, then you should try this racket. It has great elasticity an perfect balance, thereby giving you the perfect performance.

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5. STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket

STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket

This is an excellent racquet for usage in tournaments. It has the latest shock dispersion technology, which results in easier and faster moves. The impact of each hit that you make is very less in this racket. It is an oft-recommended racket by professionals. It is easily the best TT racket that you can buy in India for under 8000 rupees.

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6. Tibhar Samsonov Powergrip Con Table Tennis Bat

Tibhar Samsonov Powergrip Con Table Tennis Bat

This racket comes with a power grip. The Powergrip is generally preferred by young players who are just beginning to play table tennis. It is a wonderful pick for beginners, costing under 2000 rupees.

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